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On the cover
7 (2014)
Tunnelling Towards Hope

28 February - 6 March 2014

Ukraine History

A Stronghold of Rulers and Rebels

With the recent death toll jumping to nearly 100 and 1,000 injured, Hrushevskoho Street, one of the strongholds of EuroMaidans three-month-long protests, made headlines around the globe. It was here, on 19 January the countrys stand against government corruption, abuse of power, and the violation of human rights turned from peaceful protest to all-out revolution. Having witnessed much over the years, Hrushevskoho is a street with a history, and not only care of recent days.


Ukraine Today
Acelebrity using their status and intelligence to influence public views and opinion is rarely seen in modern society, even less so in Ukraine. Here, the majority of celebs use their time, effort, and money to enhance or further their career rather than put their name to something that can do good for others. However, as EuroMaidan intensifies, some are making themselves heard and they fall either side of the EuroMaidan divide.
It used to be that when rebellion and revolution occurred, the intellectual, creative, and spiritual elite would be front and centre.


Ukrainian Culture

When Walls Can Talk

People have been writing on walls since the dawn of civilisation, we call it graffiti, and ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. Sometimes it is merely the creator wanting to leave his or her mark; sometimes there is an underlying social or political reason. And it is due to the latter that graffiti has exploded across Kyiv in recent months. Anti dictator messages aside, we peel back a few layers of paint to look at graffiti in the city in general.


What's On Archive 32 (2011)

32 (2011)/2011
9 September - 15 September
The Art of Pole Dancing
Taking a look behind the scenes at this contentious past time

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Ukraine Today
Ukraine History
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From THE EDITOR (32) - Editorial
I have a correction to make. Last week I wrote about the state of the roads in Ukraine, and that while there are roads getting repaired, the way in which theyre getting repaired is both unsafe and shows no thought for traffic flow during the process. I blamed all this on the unwillingness of the government to bring in foreign expertise. I also said that, to our knowledge, nothing was being done with the main road links around the country, which are in a hell of a state. On Wednesday evening, at the BUCC event in DLux, I met a man whos in charge of the upgrades to the Kyiv to Kharkiv highway (E40), currently in process. Oops. I calculated quickly in my head its Wednesday evening, magazine went to print yesterday, comes out tomorrow. Yes, it was too late to do anything about it.


President Writes Literary Masterpiece - Whats Up?
Would you believe it? President Viktor Yanukovych has written a book! In English! We didnt know he could speak English! We didnt know he could write! But apparently he can do both, as copies of the book, Opportunity Ukraine, bearing his name as author have appeared in book shops throughout the country.
Wait. Hold on a minute. Perhaps we were right the first time. Ukrainska Pravda, apparently harbouring the same doubts as ourselves, got a hold of a copy and gave it a read. And according to this new website there is now new content in the book. Instead, Ukrainska Pravda claim that, not only has the president stolen the ideas of others and presented them as his own, virtually the whole book has been plagarised.


Gaddafis Ukrainian Nurse Talks About Life with Daddy - Whats Up?
CNN recently interviewed one of Gaddafis Ukrainian nurses, and what the 25 year-old Oksana Balinskaya had to say about her life with the fallen dictator (or Daddy as they called him) is interesting to say the least, so we pulled some of the quotes from the interview and pass them to you here:
Daddy gave us jobs, money and a good life. He was quite considerate to us. He would ask us if we are happy and whether we have everything that we need.


Controversy Surrounding Mandelsons Trip to Ukraine - Whats Up?
Britains most shady political figure, Peter Mandelson, is at the centre of another scandal in the British press, and this time its around his all-expenses paid trip to Ukraine to give a speech at an event organised by Donbass oligarch Rinat Akhmetovs Foundation for Effective Governance (lets say that once again in case you missed the irony, Akhmetovs Foundation for Effective Governance).


EU Warns Yanukovych Over Show Trial - Whats Up?
He must be sitting there wondering: How the hell am I going to get myself out of this one?
The scenario surrounding the Tymoshenko trial seems quite clear to most people:
Stand down from politics or well charge you!
So we charged you. Stand down or well put you in jail!
Heres a taster. Now how do you like that? Stand down or well convict you and youll have ten years of this!


Poles Apart - Ukraine Today
Valeriya Kostenko is a quiet and unassuming young lady, with an inner confidence that slowly becomes apparent during our two hours of talking. She pole dances. Not only that, she also teaches pole dancing and helps run the national pole dancing authority. She is currently organising the biggest pole dancing tournament this country has seen, and she took time out to talk to Whats On a week before the Ukrainian Pole Dance and Fitness Associations first ever national pole dancing championships. We asked her about the stereotypes, the reality, and the rapidly changing way in which pole dancing is being practised.


Assassination at the Opera House - Ukraine History
One hundred years ago this week, the National Opera of Ukraine was giving a special performance for Tsar Nikolai II and his family. Quitting the royal box seats during second intermission, the rest of the audience followed suit, leaving behind two gentlemen standing in the front row of the theatre talking. What they were talking about is a mystery. As is the reason a third man, wearing a tailcoat and glasses, entered the grand hall with a gun and fired, twice. The man shooting was a member of the Russian Empires secret police by the name of Dmytro Bogrov. The man he was aiming at was the Russian Prime Minister, Pyotr Stolypin.


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Ukraine Truth
Rights We Didnt Know We Had

Throughout EuroMaidan much has been made of Ukrainians making a stand for their rights. What exactly those rights are were never clearly defined. Ukraine ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1952. The first article of the Declaration states all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, they are endowed with reason and conscience, and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. The ousted and overthrown Ukrainian government showed to the world they dont understand the meaning of these words.

Kyiv Culture

Pulling Strings
Located on Hrushevskoho Street the epicentre of EuroMaidan violence, home to battles, blazes and barricades childrens favourite the Academic Puppet Theatre had to shut down in February. Nevertheless, it is getting ready to reopen this March with a renewed repertoire to bring some laughter back to a scene of tragedy. Operating (not manipulating) puppets is a subtle art that can make kids laugh and adults cry. Whats On meets Mykola Petrenko, art director of the Theatre, to learn more about those who pull the strings behind the show.


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