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On the cover
7 (2014)
Tunnelling Towards Hope

28 February - 6 March 2014

Ukraine History

A Stronghold of Rulers and Rebels

With the recent death toll jumping to nearly 100 and 1,000 injured, Hrushevskoho Street, one of the strongholds of EuroMaidans three-month-long protests, made headlines around the globe. It was here, on 19 January the countrys stand against government corruption, abuse of power, and the violation of human rights turned from peaceful protest to all-out revolution. Having witnessed much over the years, Hrushevskoho is a street with a history, and not only care of recent days.


Ukraine Today
Acelebrity using their status and intelligence to influence public views and opinion is rarely seen in modern society, even less so in Ukraine. Here, the majority of celebs use their time, effort, and money to enhance or further their career rather than put their name to something that can do good for others. However, as EuroMaidan intensifies, some are making themselves heard and they fall either side of the EuroMaidan divide.
It used to be that when rebellion and revolution occurred, the intellectual, creative, and spiritual elite would be front and centre.


Ukrainian Culture

When Walls Can Talk

People have been writing on walls since the dawn of civilisation, we call it graffiti, and ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. Sometimes it is merely the creator wanting to leave his or her mark; sometimes there is an underlying social or political reason. And it is due to the latter that graffiti has exploded across Kyiv in recent months. Anti dictator messages aside, we peel back a few layers of paint to look at graffiti in the city in general.


What's On Archive 37 (2010)

37 (2010)/2010
8 October - 14 October
The Many Faces of Posypayko
The TV host extraordinaire has led a rich and varied life

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From THE EDITOR (37) - Editorial
Sometimes life catches up with you, gives you a bit of a kick and shouts, pay attention! It recently caught up on me, gave me a kick and told me to do just that. So excuse me while I get a little reflective and philosophical. Theres an old joke that says theres two things in life you can count on death and taxes (with another version adding nurses as a third). Theres one thing we all have in common with every single human being (and all other living creatures for that matter) on this planet were all going to die. Now that may seem a little overly morbid for a Whats On editorial, but only if you look at it that way. You see, the thing is, we often live our lives as if they will go on forever. And some would say thats a good thing because we might never get out of bed if we considered all the dangers modern day life throws at us.


Borshch and More Borshch - Whats Up?
Its Ukraines favourite dish, the one us ex-pats probably partake in the most, and the one locals are most proud off. To demonstrate that, the good people of the little village of Chubynske cooked 5 tonnes of the stuff on Saturday 2 October, breaking the World Record which was set last year when 600 litres of borshch was brewed on Khortytsya Island in Zaporizhya.
Chefs from some of Kyivs top restaurants helped prepare the mammoth dish using 400 kilos of beetroot, 350 kilos of potatoes 27 kilos of salo, 20 kilos of salt, and nearly 20 kilos of garlic.
The giant man-high pot took three days to prepare, and on Saturday night ladders were used to dish it out.


Ukraine Wins Gold at Chess - Whats Up?
Just take a stroll through Shevchenko Park and you will see that Ukrainians love chess, and if you take a moment to stop and watch, you will also see that even these amateurs are pretty good at it (and amusingly passionate about it too, which often becomes apparent when heated arguments erupt during a game), and now the countrys men's team has taken the gold medal at the team event at the World Chess Olympiad.


Bill Takes AIDS Test - Whats Up?
Love him or loath him, Bill Clinton is a man fighting to combat AIDS and HIV throughout the world, and youve got to take your hat off to him for that, especially when youre living in the country with the highest AIDS transmission rates in Europe.
And Bill arrived here at the weekend to put his convictions where his mouth and money already are.


IMF Warns - Dont Pay Cash for Gas Debt - Whats Up?
Back on June 8 the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal, interestingly ruled in favour of the very shadowy and now defunct RosUkrEnergo (a gas trader controlled by Russias Gazprom and private Ukrainian investors), saying that Naftogaz owes the company for 12 billion cubic metres of gas wrongly confiscated under Yulia Tymoshenkos government. Including penalties, the amount comes to around $3 billion dollars.


Ukraines Democracy Goes Back in Time - Whats Up?
Our honourable President Viktor Yanukovych just keeps on shoring up power, and on Friday he took further steps to make himself politically invulnerable when the constitutional court abruptly cancelled a revision of the constitution adopted in 2004 that shifted a lot of powers away from the president, giving it to the parliament instead, and reinstated the 1996 version which places almost all powers in the hands of the president.


The Great Carreras - Kyiv Culture
Born into a Catalan family virtually unknown to the music world, José Carreras, at the tender age of eight, was about to change all of that with his first performance on Spanish National Radio. Since that time, he has performed over 60 roles in various operas, recorded over 150 albums, given frequent concerts in many of the worlds most famous concert halls, and has friends that go by the names of Pavarotti and Domingo. Heading this way in the middle of the month, this is one concert you dont want to miss.
José Carreras has always had a penchant for singing; something he would display time and time again throughout the course of his life. And regardless of whether he was on stage, in the studio or on a ship, he has always seemed  at his happiest when excercising his exceptional vocal cords.


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Ukraine Truth
Rights We Didnt Know We Had

Throughout EuroMaidan much has been made of Ukrainians making a stand for their rights. What exactly those rights are were never clearly defined. Ukraine ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1952. The first article of the Declaration states all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, they are endowed with reason and conscience, and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. The ousted and overthrown Ukrainian government showed to the world they dont understand the meaning of these words.

Kyiv Culture

Pulling Strings
Located on Hrushevskoho Street the epicentre of EuroMaidan violence, home to battles, blazes and barricades childrens favourite the Academic Puppet Theatre had to shut down in February. Nevertheless, it is getting ready to reopen this March with a renewed repertoire to bring some laughter back to a scene of tragedy. Operating (not manipulating) puppets is a subtle art that can make kids laugh and adults cry. Whats On meets Mykola Petrenko, art director of the Theatre, to learn more about those who pull the strings behind the show.


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